Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a carpet cleaners service?

Carpets are one of the most essential features of your home, and over time, suffer wear and tear particularly in high usage areas. Carpet cleaning services offer you the ability to restore your carpets to a more attractive and clean look, while allowing you to extend the lifespan on the carpets.

How much does it cost to clean tile?

The cost of cleaning tile really depends on the age of your tiles, how much tiled area you have in your home and the current condition of your tiles. In order to gain a more accurate insight into the cost for cleaning your tiled areas, you can ask us for a no-obligation free estimate for service.

How do professional carpet cleaners clean carpets?

There are many ways to clean carpets, but at Greener Southwest, we use a number of safe and effective products and methods that reinvigorate your carpets to have them looking great. We use specialty products to clean stains and remove odors, while incorporating a pre-spray, extraction rinse followed by a neutralizing rinse. We only use green cleaners to clean your carpets and conserve water in the process for a more environmentally friendly clean.

What are the reasons to consider professional tile cleaning services?

There are many products you can buy at your local store to clean your tiles, but these are often full of harsh chemicals that are ineffective in removing deep stains, such as those created by mold or mildew. A professional tile cleaning service will shift the most stubborn stains and make your tiles look brand new.
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How to Know if Your Home is Accessible for Us

Our truck mounted equipment needs to be accessible for our equipment to reach your carpets. As long as we have a clear pathway for our hoses, we should be able to. If in doubt, just give us a call at 239.478.4280.


Most homes have no problem. We park in your driveway and go through a convenient entranceway nearby to reach the carpets you want us to clean.


The only time you should need to worry is if the doorway is through a back or side patio. If we can park near your condo and access a front entranceway, we typically can access your carpets.


We can sometimes access older apartments without any kind of concierge or guest buzz-in locked door. It’s best to call and ask.

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